Austin James

Austin James

CRO; Partner

Austin James is a partner at Solve Growth, bringing over 10 years of experience across various levels of operational leadership in both developed and emerging markets.

He frequently works with high-growth startups, national political campaigns, and global nonprofits to incorporate agile marketing strategies into their operations, focusing on the value of data-driven marketing sprints. Austin started his career working as a digital analyst for a global public affairs firm in Washington, DC, analyzing online marketing strategies for multinational corporations.

After transitioning to a career consulting on political campaigns across the country, Austin moved back to Washington, DC to help build 0ptimus Consulting, a data analytics consulting firm, serving as Vice President, Digital Analysis.

Before the notorious 2016 election cycle began, Austin left life in the Beltway to join the venture firm, Company Laboratory, overseeing development of their internal growth department. As Chief Growth Officer, Austin helped develop creative, scalable strategies for user acquisition and revenue growth across a variety of portfolio companies.

In 2016, co-founded Solve Growth as a way to bring his unique marketing process to a broader market. The company, based in Los Angeles, continues to pioneer in the fields of agile marketing, marketing sprints, and development of growth software.

Austin graduated from Auburn University and received his Master’s from the University of Alabama.